Documented hunt of roe deer by collared wolves in northern Bohemia

How often do wolves hunt in intravillain? Statement by scientists from the CZU in Prague (in Czech)

The collars of three other wolves bring data from Šluknov region

Successful spring captures will provide insight into three territories

Invitation to the opening conference of the REDEMA project

The meeting will take place on March 15 in Bad Schandau

Prey of wolves in the sights of field workers in Šumava NP

The beginning of 2024 was devoted to the monitoring of collared wolves

Wolves in Czech Radio

Coffee at four o'clock with Patricia Strouhalová

Does the deer graze where the wolf hunts?

The research project examines the influence of wolves on the mountain ecosystem of the Šumava/Bavarian Forest - press release (in Czech)

The REDEMA project was launched

The three-year project runs from January 2024 under the auspices of ČZU in Prague

In Šumava, thanks to a new project, it was possible to attach a telemetry collar to three more wolves

An experienced trapping team was successful in October 2023

WoBoFE project launched

The three-year project was launched in May 2023

The OWADIS project is coming to an end

The final meetings summarized the team's two-year work

The final meetings will summarize the results of the OWADIS project

Three meetings are planned for September 2022

Two wolves were collared in Šluknov region

At the beginning of May 2022, we celebrated trapping success

Full-area wolf monitoring in the Czech and Saxon Switzerland National Park

The monitoring was carried out on December 13, 2021

Award for the film About Wolves and People of the OWAD project

Director Michal Gálik received the award at the T-film festival

The number of wolf territories has increased year-on-year, with twenty-two of them reaching the Czech Republic

As in previous years, we participated in the creation of a nationwide map of the occurrence of wolves.

The functionality of preventive measures has been repeatedly confirmed

The wolves repeatedly return to the surroundings of the farm, where in the summer of 2018 they attacked the animals in the enclosure.

For the first time in the Czech Republic, a wolf was caught and collared

Telemetry collar got a wolf female in Šumava

Project film "About Wolves and People"

A documentary about the activities of the OWAD project itself and the circumstances related to the return of the wolf to our cultural landscape.

The OWADIS project has been launched

Czech-Saxon Information Platform for Collection, Sharing and Analysis of Data on the Lusatian Wolf Population (OWADIS)

The final conference of the project replaced by detailed report

The Covid-19 epidemic prevented the conference from being held

Research of wolves in the OWAD project in a report by Czech Radio

Listen to Ondřej Ševčík's report on Czech predators (only in Czech)

Wolf Management Program was introduced

The Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic introduced a new strategy on 19th March 2020

The number of wolf packs has increased, eighteen wolf territories in the Czech Republic

Joint press release on the occurrence of wolf territories in the Czech Republic in 2019.

TV Nova - Dead wolf found in the Bohemian Paradise

Reportage on January 23, 2020 on TV Nova

Seminar on ongoing results of the project

The event took place on 23 January in Krásná Lípa

The traveling exhibition can be seen in Chomutov

Visit the Chomutov Library from 18 January to the end of March

New maps of wolves distribution in the project area

The findings of wolf activity increased mainly in the Šluknov region

VIDEO - Wolf damage prevention

Damage prevention in 1 minute

VIDEO - Use of camera traps for wolf research

Monitoring by camera traps in 1 minute

Introducing the first project video

OWAD project is presented in 1 minute

Projekt OWAD was introduced at film festival

The issue of wolf return at the Life Sciences Film Festival

Third camera trap campaign results were published

Continuous results of spatial camera traps campaigns can be downloaded here (only in Czech)

The traveling exhibition introduces the life of wolves

OWAD project partners prepared a traveling exhibition for public

Our colleague, wolf expert, Ulrich Wotschikowsky died

The German biologist passed away on Friday, August 30, 2019

Excursion for wolves for students of secondary and primary schools

The excursions took place on 9th and 16th July 2019

Public Announcement

The project partner, the Museum of Natural History Senckenberg in Görlitz, is looking for a subject that will arrange the transport of the traveling exhibition.

Press Realease - Wolf shot dead near Mělník, criminal complaint submitted

Press release of AOPK ČR, partner in the OWAD project

Public Announcement

The Senckenberg Museum of Natural History in Görlitz intends to print exhibition banners for a touring exhibition.

Second camera trap campaign results were published

Continuous results of spatial camera traps campaigns can be downloaded here (only in Czech)

The Saxon partners trained Nature Conservation Agency staff in wolf monitoring

The transfer of knowledge took place on March 28-29 in Krásná Lípa

Press Release - The knocked down wolf in Děčín area had indeed a mange

Press release from the analysis of the knocked down wolf

Press Release - Car hit the wolf near Ceska Kamenice

Press release to wolf finding

Seminar for hunters from Chomutov region

The lecture on the issue of the return of wolves took place on 25th January 2019 in Blatno

New map of wolf distribution in the Czech Republic 2017-2018

We have contributed to the nationwide map of wolves

Discussion of the wolf management plan with the professional public

The meeting with international participation took place on 14th December at the CULS

Lecture for the School of Forestry in Šluknov

Lukáš Žák lectured for future foresters on 12th December 2018

Biodiversity between rocks and water

The seminar on Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland took place on 30th November 2018.

Annual meeting of project partners

The event took place on 27 November 2018 in Görlitz, Saxony

Wolf at the Film Festival

On November 24th, the Film Festival Dozvuky ekofilmu hosted a lecture by Lukáš Žák

Seminar for the inhabitants of Srbská Kamenice

Lukáš Žák lectured on wolves on 21 November 2018

Get know the OWAD project

Planned seminars for the public

The OWAD Project on the Czech Television

Studio 6 presented the first outputs of the Czech-Saxon project

Training in wolf capture technique

Saxon colleagues handed over their knowledge to planned wolf telemetry

Lecture for the public in Krásná Lípa

On the 18th October, Lukáš Žák lectured at the administration office of the National Park České Švýcarsko

Press Release - Scientists have confirmed five centers of wolves occurrence

Press release on the ongoing results of wolf monitoring

Seminars for foresters and hunters in Jablonné v Podještědí

The joint seminars of the CULS, AOPK CR and the Görlitz Museum took place on October 4th

The first results of the camera trap campaigns were published

The results of the field camera trap monitoring can be downloaded here (only German)

The OWAD project introduced at the GBCC 2018

The Global Biodiversity Conservation Conference took place on Sept. 25 - 26, 2018

Wolf Day in Saxony

On 26th August, the eighth Wolf Day was held in Dohna.


Coordination meeting of partners on actual results

Meeting of partners from the CULS and the Görlitz Museum was held in Liberec on 19th June

Seminar for future foresters at Secondary Forestry School Žlutice

Presentation of the project to students on June 12 in Žlutice

The monitoring team completed the spring season in the field

The vegetation period will give the data to comparison to the winter data

Excursions to Saxony and knowledge transfer

Representatives of the Czech authorities gained insight into Saxon wolf management.

Seminar in Wolves Monitoring

On Friday, 6th April 2018, a seminar on methodology, monitoring and documentation of tracks of wolves was held in Děčín.

Evaluation of the Saxon Wolves Management Plan

The Expert Group met to evaluate the Saxon Wolves Management Plan on April 6 in Prague.

Press Release - Saxon experiences with wolves will help in the Czech Republic

The press report responds among other things to the rumours about the introduction of wolves in the Czech Republic

Presentation of the project to Saxon forest managers

The seminar took place on 14th March in Sohland an der Spree.

Discussion about the Saxon wolf management plan

Representatives of the Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic and Faculty of Environmental Sciences visited German colleagues.

Seminar for the hunters of the Krušné Mountains

Introduction of the OWAD project in Klášterec nad Ohří.

The OWAD monitoring team aimed at the Czech Switzerland National Park

Monitoring in the area of the National Park České Švýcarsko (Czech Switzerland) and Labské pískovce.

Meetings with farmers in the Ustí nad Labem region

The implementation team presented the OWAD project to farmers in Děčín.

Meeting with the forest administrators and hunters

Seminar in Krásná Lípa took place on 12th December, 2017

The OWAD project was officially launched

The meeting of the partners took place on 23rd October 2017 at the FES

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