The collars of three other wolves bring data from Šluknov region

The spring captures and subsequent "collaring" of wolves in the Šluknovský outcrop region, planned as part of the REDEMA project, have been successfully completed. Two dozen traps placed in three known wolf territories met the set goal within a few days of installation - we caught one wolf in each territory. The first telemetry collar was given to a young wolf captured near Doubice. The second wolf was a young female caught near Kytlice, the third and last was also a young female caught near the Kopec settlement.

The captures were not accompanied by any complications, which, together with the rapid progress of the trapping campaign, confirms the expertise of our capture team. We also greatly appreciate the helpful cooperation with all interested entities - the Czech Switzerland National Park Administration (a partner of the REDEMA project), the Forests of the Czech Republic and hunters from the affected hunting grounds. Only thanks to this, we can now process and subsequently publish unique data on the movement of wolves in a large area from the České středohoří to the Lusatian Mountains and the northernmost tip of the Czech Republic. At the same time, we will be able to gain an insight into the development of the settlement of the landscape thanks to telemetry data from previously "collared" wolves.


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