In Šumava, thanks to a new project, it was possible to attach a telemetry collar to three more wolves

During October 2023, the trapping team, consisting of experts from the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague and the Šumava National Park Administration, managed to capture and equip three more wolves with telemetry collars. These are two adult males and one subadult female. One of the wolves is a resident male of one of the Šumava packs, the female wolf is his offspring, and the other adult wolf does not belong to any of the Šumava packs. Wolves move in the territory of both national parks – Šumava and Bavarian Forest, while each monitored individual now moves in a different territory. This allows project workers to observe the formation and demarcation of wolf territories throughout the project area. Thanks to telemetry collars, scientists can also focus on studying the prey of these monitored individuals.

The wolf captures are part of the project "Ecological impacts of the return of wolves to the Šumava/Bavarian Forest Ecosystem" of the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague and the administrations of the Šumava and Bavarian Forest National Parks. The project is co-financed by the European Union from the program Interreg Bavaria – Czech Republic 2021–2027.

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