Invitation to the opening conference of the REDEMA project

The kick-off meeting for the three-year project entitled "Increasing the effectiveness of deer management using cross-border approaches (REDEMA)" will take place on Friday, March 15, 2024 from 10 a.m. in the Center of the Saxon Switzerland National Park in Bad Schandau. The main investigator of the project, which was launched at the beginning of January 2024, is the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, the project partners are the Senckenberg Natural History Museum in Görlitz, the Bohemian Switzerland National Park Administration , the Saxon Switzerland National Park Administration and the Technical University of Dresden. The project area includes both national parks and their surroundings and the topic of the project is the local red deer population, the factors that influence it (predators, human activities), and the impact of red deer on forest areas.

Five lectures are planned for the participants:

  1. Presentation of the REDEMA project, activities, goals, methodology
  2. Telemetric monitoring of red deer in the Bohemian Switzerland National Park
  3. Estimation of red deer population density and their effect on forest stands
  4. Development of the number of visitors in national parks, methodology, hotspots
  5. Outputs of wolf projects in the Czech-Saxon borderland, current state of the wolf population, monitoring methodology


The meeting will be simultaneously translated (Czech/German).

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