Documented hunt of roe deer by collared wolves in northern Bohemia

How often do wolves hunt in intravillain? Statement by scientists from the CZU in Prague (in Czech)

The collars of three other wolves bring data from Šluknov region

Successful spring captures will provide insight into three territories

Invitation to the opening conference of the REDEMA project

The meeting will take place on March 15 in Bad Schandau

Prey of wolves in the sights of field workers in Šumava NP

The beginning of 2024 was devoted to the monitoring of collared wolves

Does the deer graze where the wolf hunts?

The research project examines the influence of wolves on the mountain ecosystem of the Šumava/Bavarian Forest - press release (in Czech)

The REDEMA project was launched

The three-year project runs from January 2024 under the auspices of ČZU in Prague

In Šumava, thanks to a new project, it was possible to attach a telemetry collar to three more wolves

An experienced trapping team was successful in October 2023

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